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Ssimbulira-Ddimu Construction Company Ltd offers its services for standard and unique small, medium and large-sized projects. Through the company principals, Managing Director & Engineer Lutaaya Joseph and Architect Kajumba Stephen, the firm has 28 years of combined experience in program planning and organization, project and construction management, site surveying and building evaluation, analysis of program and schematic design, design development, specification and drawing production, and contract documents development, in both the public and private sectors, and internationally as well.

The majority of their work in the past two years has involved construction cost values between ugx 10,000,000/- and ugx 1,200,000,000/- with Clients in both the public and private sectors.

The firm was established by Engineer Lutaaya Joseph and Architect Kajumba Stephen Ssendi. Engineer Lutaaya is responsible for projects, is the client contact person, and as person responsible for the project, regularly reviews each project to aim for a fluid working relationship between associates, staff, consultants and Client to ensure delivery of value for money on time and on budget.

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